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11 Jan 2021 - 29 Jan 2021
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Total cost € 5.900*

*Full package with accommodation in families.

Programme Specification


T-shirt design is just one of the many essential skills in fashion design.

Learning all about this exciting and fun area of the industry gives participants the opportunity to experiment, and quickly discover their own artistic flair and talent. The course also takes a look at what factors help make a successful piece of artwork, and how brands and individuals have gone on to produce iconic and award-winning t-shirt collections.

The 3-week course in t-shirt design starts with basic hand illustration skills, learning how to research and find creative input to create personal mood boards and sketch books.

Design moves forward through embellishment options, paying attention to detailing and finishes, all-over repeats, abstract images, and the pros and cons of one-off designs.

The fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator software introduces participants to the exciting world of digital design vs. hand rendering while understanding what makes a good t-shirt design, and the stories behind some of the most iconic designs of the past, further assist in the overall appreciation of this creative art form.

Successful t-shirt designers also need to be aware of which materials to print on; for example using cotton or mixed blends, together with the main challenges in print production processes when considering colour, design, size, and any possible budget restrictions. Over the course of the 3 weeks, participants have the opportunity to develop their design and creative skills to produce an individual collection of t-shirt artwork ready for production.

Istituto Marangoni preparatory level courses focus on personal enrichment and enjoyment aimed at young and aspiring creatives who may be considering university level study. At this level of study there are no exams or assessments to worry about. Courses are specifically crafted for anyone interested in learning about design and creative processes, from the very basics, through to some of the more interesting and complex elements. No prior design or software skills are required.

* Istituto Marangoni preparatory courses focus on personal enrichment and fun for young people aged 16-17. No previous technical or software skills are required. For students under the age of 18, the consent of the parent / guardian is required for acceptance of the course.

** Pour les étudiants n'ayant pas encore 18 ans, le consentement d'un parent / d'un gardien est nécessaire pour être accepté en cours.

* All lessons can be provided with a translation service only for the schools of Milan Fashion, Milan Design and Florence.

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