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The Course

Fashion Design

An immersive creative experience in the digital and high-tech frontiers of fashion design
Postgraduate Courses

The new innovating technologies, such as AI, 3D Digital Fashion Design and VR have been radically impacting the process of creation of real as well as virtual garments. Nowadays, the automatization of the textile and supply chain has given a new and disruptive role to the fashion designer, while the growth of the gaming industry in fashion has created new spaces of display. This postgraduate full-time course provides participants a broad education into cultural, creative and social fashion design skills & technology awareness of the contemporary opportunities of both creating and communicating channels, including the use of software of 3D modelling, rendering animation and VR Fashion Design.


This programme covers the techniques, organisation and creative direction of the production process of fashion items: understanding how to manage technical problems and responding to technological changes and product innovation, participants learn about the new influences in the Industry such as sustainability and 3D & VR Fashion Design. By studying the relationship between fashion and technology, innovative applications in production processes are discovered. Participants learn how to interpret style from the design concept and its development, through to the finished garment or product. Extensive knowledge of fabrics and materials, their properties and appropriate uses, combined with that of cut, construction and production time is covered.

08 Oct 2024
English · Chinese  - Fee
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They understand how the future displays the fashion area, by looking at virtual realities and the most recent Metaverse, to see first-hand how these impact the new fashion design processes. By gaining an in-depth knowledge of these processes, participants are able to design products that are both profitable and appropriate for the market. The new sustainable supply chain, textile innovation, trends, philosophical design process and fashion show creative direction are subjects of discussion with professionals from leading companies in the fashion industry, giving participants the opportunity to learn how to apply them to real-life projects. They also have an in-depth understanding of various methods of creative research, crossing experimental construction and digital modeling. Moreover, this course provides a deep understanding of the social media environment and transformation, together with the reposition of the fashion designer in the role of the contemporary storyteller.

This course is aimed at participants who have previous undergraduate level study or proven work experience, completing their learning path with a highly sought-after profile in fashion design for the fashion industries.

  • Contemporary and sustainable Fashion Design
  • Digital Approach to fashion
  • 3D and VR Fashion Design
  • Fashion Display creative direction
  • Virtual Fashion
  • Fashion Designer
  • Digital & Experimental Pattern Maker
  • Innovative Textile Designer
  • Fashion Show Director
  • Fashion Illustrator
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