Executive Short Course · 6 weekends

21 Apr 2018 - 27 May 2018
tuition fee only INR 180.000

Programme Specification


The bridal gown has always been the ultimate aesthetic expression of the wedding celebration, as well as a moment of social recognition in every cultural system.
The objective of the course is to consider the bridal gown as a communicative, cultural and social phenomenon and to provide the tools for planning and designing a collection of bridalwear. It is designed for professionals and fashion designers who want to specialise in researching and designing a collection of bridal gowns.

Upon successful completion of the course, the participants will be awarded an Istituto Marangoni Certificate. The executive short courses are suited to those with skills already obtained through prior learning or through working in the disciplines or in a related context.


Weekend 1

Participants will analyse the ways of dressing at weddings in contemporary society and study the interdisciplinary relationship between history, sociology, anthropology and religion, to grasp a better understanding of the evolution of the gown in relation to how society has changed over the years.

Weekend 2

Figure drawing and the study of proportions are the basic notions required to design a dress and understand the relative rendering techniques.
By studying colours and carrying out research on fabrics and styles, students will be able to try out new solutions for designing a collection capable of interpreting the latest trends and proposing innovative forms.

Weekend 3

During the third weekend, the participants will study the relationships between style and fabric, including the techniques used for draping, interpreting trends and defining a personal style of their own; they will experiment with solutions ranging from traditional fabrics such as taffeta and silk to more unusual materials such as raffia, velvet, matelassé or eco-fur.

Weekend 4

Participants will work on a 3d creative modelling research project and, while studying the collection, they will also devise and present matching accessories. The classroom lessons will be alternated with workshops and presentations by companies from the bridalwear industry.

Weekend 5

Participants will analyse the world of the bridal gown and its precise market references (ateliers and fashion designers, specialised exhibitions and magazines), which guide and inform the choices of consumers in all segments of the market, in relation to the various levels on which the brands are placed.

Weekend 6

Participants will end the course by creating a presentation capable of combining the creative aspects of design with considerations regarding its social elements and reference market scenarios. They will also design an entire collection, from the moodboard created in the research phase to the technical files. The participants will therefore present a coherent, contemporary project that conveys innovation and creativity.

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