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Three Year Programme (Pathways)

3 Feb 2020 - 18 Sep 2020
it · en
enrolment fee € 4.000
tuition fee EU € 16.700
tuition fee non-EU € 19.800

28 Sep 2020 - 4 Jun 2021
it · en
enrolment fee € 4.000
tuition fee EU € 16.700
tuition fee non-EU € 19.800

Note: fees for the September 2020 intake may be subject to variations.

Programme Specification


BA (Hons) Degree* ** (Pathways)

1 Oct 2019 - 5 Jun 2020
3 Feb 2020 - 11 Sep 2020
enrolment fee £ 3.300
tuition fee EU £ 13.300
tuition fee non-EU £ 16.500

** Participants who successfully complete the programmes taught in English in London will be awarded a BA (Hons) degree by Manchester Metropolitan University-UK; 120 credit points must be earned for each year of study in order for an honours degree to be awarded, so students will obtain 360 credits upon successful completion of the three-year course. Participants on the four-year sandwich course will receive 120 practice credits for the additional year. All candidates should meet specific requirements (please check the website indicating your nationality and study level). For further details please do not hesitate to contact the information office.

English and EU domiciled students may be eligible for tuition fee support, to contribute towards the annual fees, via Student Loan Company (SLC) and maintenance support dependent upon eligibility. Full information can be found here. For the London School, payment must be made in GBP only. Student Finance for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: the London School of Fashion and Design does not have specific course designation for 19/20 in any of the other devolved nations: Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you are a student domiciled in one of these countries, you should be aware that you may receive only partial, or no tuition fee loan to support your studies. Before submitting an application to study, you should contact the relevant funding authority in your home country to discuss this to ensure you are able to partially cover the cost of your preferred programme: For Northern Ireland: For Scotland: For Wales:

** For the London School, payment must be made in GBP only

Programme Specification



In a media-dominated world, being able to communicate and connect with consumers through different media techniques or channels is one of the most sought after and relevant skills in the fashion, luxury and creative industries. This three year full time course provides a broad education into cultural, creative and social fashion business contexts alongwith contemporary communication channels, including online tools, video, and printed media using images and copy, together with the most innovative technologies, to create and enhance business communication strategies specifically for the fashion and luxury markets. Understanding the relationship between product, consumer target and market placement is key to producing a successful media communication proposal.

This dynamic course investigates ways to create the ‘buzz’ that is necessary to increase brand awareness, while also respecting brand image and any constraints of an assigned brief, or communication budget. Participants follow an extensive analysis of style, understanding how language, visual image and sound can influence emotions and consumer behaviour, defining and disseminating fashion ‘trends’ as inspiring ideas not only in clothing, but also for accessories and all areas of the luxury and creative industries. Taking a look at historical and contemporary examples of fashion, image and photography, participants learn how to incorporate and captivate the magic of fashion and luxury in videos, web platforms and through social networks.

They understand the philosophy, growth and importance of social media in business, and learn how platforms such Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are used to represent an organisation, promote a product or a brand, and are powerful tools in connecting with consumers by creating a loyal following. The course focuses on a sound knowledge of traditional and digital marketing, alongside editorial skills for PR and press activity including fashion writing and copyediting, publication advertising & marketing, finance and budget management, as well as media planning, creative direction and fashion shooting – perfectly balancing traditional and new media communication activity. Via the study of semiotics participants analyse the world of verbal and non-verbal communication, learning how to take simple gestures and turn them into influential promotional conversations.

This course is part of the fashion business study pathways. With fashion business as the core subject, participants specialise in the chosen area of interest (communication & new media), completing the course with a distinct professional profile.

This course is also available as a BA (Hons) four-year course (including Sandwich Year Placement).

** For the London School, payment must be made in GBP only


  • Social media for business
  • Traditional and digital media
  • Advertising & marketing strategies
  • Implementation of a communication campaign
  • Fashion brands and branding
  • Fashion writing & effective copy, editorial
  • Communicating through image
  • Digital image
  • Cultural contemporary perspectives, trends and forecasting
  • Strategies of contemporary fashion photography & video
  • Portfolio and visual communication
  • Design research theory & practice


  • Digital marketing manager
  • Media planner/media manager
  • Communication manager/director
  • Marketing manager
  • Multimedia content designer
  • Social media editor/manager


Year one

  • Introduction to Fashion
  • Alpha Marketing
  • The Luxury Fashion Product
  • Principles of Business

Year two

  • Visual and Emotional Branding
  • Editorial Environment
  • Luxury Image & Brand Construction
  • Finance and Management Control

Year three

  • Creative Direction
  • Honours Project Fashion Business Communication & Media
  • Future of Fashion


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