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Fashion Business

Managing Business & Creativity.
Avocational Level Courses

Fashion Business courses provide participants with an opportunity to experience the world of fashion via a industry specific blend of key perspectives in fashion business; studying some of the key skills that support the exciting role of ‘business’ in Fashion.


Fashion business professionals are the driving force behind the stimulating and competitive worlds of fashion and luxury. With a comprehensive knowledge of the fashion scene business profiles cover all areas including production, communication and marketing, buying, merchandising and retail, to name just a few. Starting with an introduction to basic business models, these courses provide an opportunity to experience a variety of business principles directed to the fashion industry including brand management, product development, fashion marketing and communication, fashion media and key trends. Exploring key notions in sustainability and digital marketing are also prime current issues that support the role of ‘business’ in fashion, and further assist participants understanding of an effective business plan.
For personal enrichment and enjoyment, avocational courses are offered in a series of two (2) distinct levels working through to a higher comprehension of skill and study. This enables a ‘flexible learning experience’ for participants to select and build on their own experience and personal achievement.

Avocational courses available in Fashion Business:

Business in the Fashion System • 12 weeks
This course starts with an overview of the fashion system, its protagonists, and the ‘language’ of fashion. Participants take a look at the principles of business practice, together with fashion marketing and current key trends, gaining an understanding of business values for the fashion and luxury industries.

The Business & Marketing Environment • 12 weeks
This course gives participants an opportunity to investigate the business marketing ‘mind-set’, as used in key industry roles. They explore the environment around the fashion industry from a social and sustainable point of view, while gaining an understanding of various areas including leadership, finance management and control, and the fashion-buying arena.

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