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The Course

Fashion Business

The Blueprint of a career in Fashion
Associates of Applied Science

Managers with both communication and management skills are rare. Today companies recognize and acknowledge the way fashion professionals ‘think’ as a strategic asset, an alternative to traditional management methods and approaches toward company growth.
The Associate in Applied Science degree in Fashion Business is designed for students who have an interest in gaining an in depth understanding of the marketing processes in business, with particular focus on appropriate communication strategies that may be applied to fashion and luxury industries.
Core classes range from product design and development, manufacturing, trend watching, awareness of seasonal buying, and consumer behaviour.


The Associate in Applied Science in Fashion Business degree aims to provide a solid base in key skills of the fashion business industry.
Alongside general education requirements the program provides students the chance to engage in the fashion industry from both a creative and business perspective, giving them an understanding of how the fashion industry came into existence, as well as familiarizing them with the way it works today, in order to anticipate business development and change in the near future.


This unique program forms multidisciplinary profiles capable of pursuing and developing diverse career paths with the fashion business industry - the mastermind that is both creative and entrepreneurial.
Over the course of five semesters, students gain insight into the world of business and economics, and their applications in a fashion context, enabling the students to employ basic quantitative analysis methods to analyze various economic and business data to produce sound business decisions.
Students become familiar with the main design factors and concepts behind the world of luxury products, including product area, brand and category positioning, understanding how companies overcome production challenges while taking into considerations strategic issues such as ethics and ‘green supply chain’ management, as well as distribution and retailing, specifically related to luxury fashion.
Participants are exposed as well to a good knowledge and understanding of theories of business, and the key economic concepts, and their applications in both macro and micro economic analysis of the Fashion Business and its environment, together with an analysis of the impact of technology on fashion marketing.
Cultural and historical analysis of art and dress further contextualizes and underpins the development of creative skills.
Graduates will be prepared for entry level positions in the fashion industry.

  • Digital design
  • Fashion Communication
  • Marketing principles and practices
  • History of dress & costume
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Fashion business strategies and tools
  • Basics of Economy
  • General education studies
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