The exec­utive weekend master’s course in Contemporary Fashion Buying, held in the local language, develops an extensive understanding of the national and global fashion retail industry, analysing consumer behaviour at different market levels and comparing the performance of different retailers. The purpose of the master’s degree course is to provide participants with the skills needed to recognise the value of retail outlets (points-of-sale, POS) as means of communication to asses the suitability and effectiveness of different visual merchandising.

Fashion buyers have the task of developing an income-earning plan to cover ranges, thanks to expertise, to advanced buying and merchandising strategies and techniques: identifying sourcing opportunities and procurement chain management options to achieve business and trade aims as imposed by Italian and overseas fashion companies. Starting with the right clients, it is necessary to set up the right offer plan, setting out a correct online and offline range. The fashion buyer is a manager who is able to guide, develop, analyse and solve critical issues, as well as to create and manage a team of buyers. This professional figure will be able to define purchasing plans for large-scale retail, for store chains or single boutiques. Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the industry, including production methods, purchasing choices, and sales techniques, this figure will be able to coordinate make or buy processes, working with product managers and production directions, and managing supply chain flows.

Target: the course is aimed at professionals, entrepreneurs, administrators or department directors wanting to specialise in purchasing management in the fashion industry.

The suite of Executive MA courses provides a unique international opportunity as part of the curriculum of three extended weekends of full emersion in the fashion capitals of the world, where Istituto Marangoni has its Schools: Firenze, Paris and London. Activities include bespoke site visits, local case study testimonials and network opportunities to reinforce a global understanding and specialist knowledge of the chosen field of study.

  • 18 months · 420 hours · 168 classes · 2 weekends per month
  • Saturday 9:30 am – 7:00 pm · Sunday 8:30 am – 2.30 pm
  • course language: Italian in Milano and French in Paris


  • to assess the performance of different fashion retail concerns, with a specific focus on the way in which customer requirements and needs are met at different market levels;
  • to assess the way in which buying, merchandising, design, fashion retail, and marketing activities contribute to achieving profit objectives;
  • to develop profit ranges and merchandising plans based on a critical analysis of sales data, fashion trends, reference targets and retailer inventory flow;
  • to assess the impact of corporate social responsibility, ethical and environmental problems, new technologies and new business strategies in the fashion retail industry;
  • to critically analyse business and retail management and organisation studies and to successfully implement an independent and individual research programme;


  • fashion marketing management
  • introduction to buying
  • buying techniques
  • an understanding of buying
  • contemporary aspects of fashion
  • advanced buying
  • research methods


  • Lectures, Workshops, Company Testimonials, Case Studies

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