Executive Short Course · 4 weekends

6 Oct 2018 - 18 Nov 2018
tuition fee only € 3.100

Programme Specification


The fashion manager must be capable of interpreting how the market is evolving and optimising the competitive advantages of the product. Today, sustainability is an essential quality that must be present in order to appear credible in the international scene and the world of fashion is paying close attention to the themes related to sustainable development, from the improvement of the production process to its communication.


Weekend 1

Participants in the course will analyse sustainability as an essential quality for building a reputation as a credible player in the international fashion system. They will study in close detail the series of initiatives launched in the textile, clothing and accessories sectors which have led to the creation of the ethical garment as the component of an aesthetic and social lifestyle.

Weekend 2

Adopting a strategic approach to the concept of sustainability, the participants will analyse the impact of this on the production process and on the changes required to implement a new sustainable company policy. Students will examine the production chain to study in depth the production systems of eco-sustainable fibres and fabrics, their uses and properties, analysing cases of companies that have adopted sustainability as a key factor of success and innovation.

Weekend 3

Participants will analyse the sociological aspects of the consumption of the fashion product and this will lead them to investigate the evolution of the supply chain and how to design a sustainable fashion collection.
The life cycle of the fashion product has changed over the years, continuously increasing the frequency of purchase based on the fact that products quickly become obsolete.

Weekend 4

Participants will study the strategic communication tools that can be used to foster an increase in the corporate brand value, using the consolidation of sustainable production processes as a competitive edge. The classroom lessons will be alternated with workshops and presentations by companies from the industry.


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