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The Course

Graduate Certificate in Fashion Business

Capitalise on the synergies of business and management in fashion

Through understanding the practical and theoretical aspects of business, this course enables participants to understand various dimensions affecting the world of fashion.


July Intake: the managerial and strategic focus equips participants with knowledge and competencies that are indispensable for postgraduate study or employment, capitalising on the interrelationships between marketing, finance, strategy, and research. 

The course aims to support participants’ understanding of the complex issues affecting the world of fashion business and the strategies that brands employ to navigate these challenges. Participants will experience a diversity of subjects including fashion communication, marketing, economics, finance, strategy, supply chain and trend forecasting, to provide a strong groundwork of the key principles and theories necessary for progression to postgraduate study.


Regent’s University London · October 2023

Subject to validation by Regent’s University London

For London further guidance can be found here
Manchester Metropolitan University

Participants who successfully complete the programmes taught in English in Paris and London will be awarded with a Master’s Degree by (Manchester Metropolitan University-UK; Master’s Degrees include a 12-week work placement. Participants obtain 180 credits upon successful completion of the MA course. All candidates should meet specific entry requirements (please check for international equivalents).

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Istituto Marangoni Scholarships

The course also includes academic writing and an introduction to numerical digital skills to equip participants’ with right skills required at more advanced levels. There is an in-depth focus on quantitative analysis techniques, and economic metrics to evaluate the performance of fashion organisations. Learning how to conduct research in fashion business is key, and this enables participants to understand various dynamics of media, communication, and marketing strategies. The course enables participants to explore the core managerial and strategic relationships between project management, retail management, business financial planning, new media and E-Commerce, and what this means for the fashion industry, brands and consumers.

The Personal Development Unit enables students to gain in-depth skills in entrepreneurship, business planning and develop suitable skills in fashion business, research, collaborations, management, and leadership. Students will learn the fundamentals of business English, and how to write a business proposal for a new venture, highlighting the importance of correlation between finance, marketing, and risk management is a fashion business context. There is a heavy focus on market research through which the students are expected to justify the rationale behind their business ideas, its structure, and business models to achieve sustainable growth and realise responsible value.

The unit aims at strengthening the students’ four skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking) to achieve the English level required in order to access the Master’s programmes. Students will be able to expand the vocabulary needed for different contexts, improve spelling, identify important information, and employ academic language. The unit strengthens the students’ fluency in expressing and justifying opinions, and builds their confidence in their speaking ability, and in formulating an argument for or against a specific topic.


  • Marketing, Communication and New Media
  • Strategy, and Project Management
  • Finance and Economics
  • Retail and Supply Chain Management
  • E-Commerce and Digital Skills
  • Brand consultant
  • Marketing expert
  • Project manager
  • Retail consultant
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